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  • cynthiaccheng

Happiness is

The soft hum and cool breeze of an ancient air-conditioner, napping as the summer sun pours through the blinds. Hearing chatter and laughter through a veil of drowsy contentment, knowing that all the people who matter to you are just a few steps away. Multi-coloured Jello cubes on a hot summer’s day and steaming, molten chocolate on a cold wintry night.

Blowing bubbles. The smell of freshly cut grass. Big yellow lemons. Being carefree. Holding hands. Dappled sunlight filtering through trees. Fairy lights and candlelight. Laughing until your tummy hurts. Happiness is beating egg whites into pockets of fluffy goodness, and scraping pancake batter with a silicone spatula.

Happiness is standing in front of a piece of art, in awe. When colours, lines, sounds and shapes move your heart. When the vastness of nature makes you feel small. Seeing a depth of beauty, a beauty that speaks as if only to you. Happiness is seeing a chubby squirrel scurry up a tree, and digging your toes into the hot sand. Happiness is jumping into the fresh, clear, blue sea and being one with the waves.

Holding someone dear to you tightly; feeling safe. Embracing with no words, because sometimes words are redundant. Happiness is feeling at home in the arms of another. Happiness is feeling at home within yourself.

Happiness is sharing a delicious meal with someone you love. Drawing, painting, feeling, seeing, flowing. Creating something entirely your own. Realising that there is nowhere else in the world that you would rather be. Happiness is the scent of books, the flow of words, reading a sentence that plucks at your heartstrings. The warmest of smiles from the warmest of faces.

Happiness is succulence and zingy-ness. Delightful, beautiful and thoughtful surprises. Learning and knowing that there is so much more to learn. Opening up, listening in and hearing the truth. Hearing words from the bottom of one’s heart.

That second when everything falls into place.

Running free. Letting go.

Happiness is when you can see the stars, whether with your eyes open or your eyes closed.


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